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  • Rondo Mini
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Technical details:

Drop opening: 270x70 mm
Height: 600 mm
Width: 350 mm
Depth: 280 mm
Weight: 10 kg
Volume: Storage volume is 40 litres.
Colour: Available in 5 attractive colours and in stainless steel.
Finish: Powder coated.
Steel: 1 mm/1.5 mm aluminized steel plate.
Lock: Quality handle lock with 2 keys.
Recommended mounting:
Easily mounted on a wall with the kit supplied or at the
accessorie pole stand art.nr. 370.

Warranty: 5 year function and rust warranty.



The sixth model since the company start 1989.
Rondo MINI is a further development of our Rondo model.

The main difference is the size. MINI is half the size
of the ordinary Rondo mailbox and can be mounted
directly on a wall or on our accessorie mailbox stand.

Rondo MINI has very fast been popular and its a good
alternative for the big groundstanding mailboxes.
An inwards postdrop is also available on this model.

The maildrop has a magnetlock which makes the
drop return to its start position every time.

The mailbox has a storage capacity of 40 litres, and
well-known for its high Swedish quality.
The access door is on the front.
Accessorie: Pole stand, Art.nr. 370

Designed by: Magnus Bouveng
Manufactured in Uppsala Sweden.